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Marshal (Police Chief)-Town of Georgetown (CO)

Date Posted: April 15, 2024

Employer: Town of Georgetown


The Town of Georgetown, CO is seeking an experienced and proven law enforcement leader with a community policing mindset to serve as the Marshal (Police Chief). KRW Associates, LLC is assisting with this search. Applications are to be submitted to: [email protected]. Deadline: Friday, May 17, 2024 (5:00 pm MST.)


The Town & Surrounding Community- Located just 45 minutes west of Denver and at an elevation of 8,530 feet, the Town of Georgetown, CO (pop. 1,200) is a charming, historical, Victorian-era mountain community. Since its beginning as a mining camp in 1859, Georgetown has attracted those seeking something very special. Known as the Silver Queen of the Rockies, Georgetown was founded during Colorado’s silver boom and is one of the state’s four original mining towns. The discovery of silver ore skyrocketed the notoriety of the town, and it evolved into a refined community of Victorian homes with white picket fences. In 1868, Georgetown became the County seat of Clear Creek County. Ten years later in 1877 the Colorado Central Railroad picked its way through the Clear Creek Valley promising supplies, tourists, investors, and an easier lifestyle. Major silver discoveries in nearby Leadville led the Union Pacific railroad to build a Georgetown-Breckenridge and Leadville extension. In doing so, the engineers designed the tracks to “loop” over itself with the help of a 95-foot-high bridge that spanned 300 feet of creek and track. The now historic Georgetown Loop Railroad was born. In 1893 a depression set over the state and the population dwindled and businesses closed. Later, the ski industry evolved and helped to revitalize this area. Today, Georgetown is recognized as the Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District. When visiting, it’s like a step back in time with its stately architecture and silver-mining history— all surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Georgetown is known for its world class attractions including the Georgetown Loop Railroad and mine tours, the Hamill House museum, the Hotel de Paris Museum, and the Heritage Center. Visitors may also enjoy the 22-mile drive on the Guanella Pass Scenic Byway or one of the many seasonal special events, including the Georgetown Christmas Market or the July 4th festivities. While the year-round residential population is about 1,200, the streets are often bustling with visitors who come to town to shop, sightsee, enjoy lunch or spend the night at a cozy bed-and-breakfast. The surrounding area is also a popular destination for those who enjoy hiking, fishing, and mountain biking, making Georgetown a great destination year-round.


The Opportunity- Georgetown offers the best of both worlds: a small mountain-town lifestyle with genuine community and low crime, but with easy access to the amenities offered by a large urban metropolitan area. Georgetown is neither a statutory nor home-rule town, but rather, it is governed by a Territorial Charter and a Board of Selectmen (Town Council). The Board hires the Town Administrator to manage the day-to-day operations. The Town Marshal (Police Chief) is a direct report of the Town Administrator. The police department consists of the Marshal (a working police chief position), two field officers, and one administrative assistant.


• Bachelor’s degree and at least ten (10) years in law enforcement with five (5) or more years at the rank of Sergeant or higher with supervisory duties. A master’s degree and / or participation in the FBI National Academy or a similar leadership program is considered a plus. An equivalent of experience and formal education can be considered.
• At time of hire, the successful candidate must possess a valid Colorado driver’s license, and maintain an acceptable record. Must be legally able to possess firearms and obtain a Colorado P.O.S.T. certification.
• The candidate must be physically capable of performing all the regular field duties required of field personnel.


The Position
The Town Marshal shall be responsible for all functions of the Police Department and has the authority to issue orders, directives and policies governing the Department. In conformance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) this is a full-time exempt salary position. Although appointed by the Board of Selectmen (similar to a Town Council) this position is directly supervised and accountable to the Town Administrator. This role is a “working Marshal” position. The successful candidate will be responsible for the overall leadership of the department, and yet is expected to work a shift and respond to calls for service. Specifically, the incumbent will:
• Assume full management responsibility for all department services and activities including administration, operations, patrol, traffic regulation, investigations, and police records and evidence. Administration encompasses the development, implementation and administration of the department strategic plan, budget, and the policies and procedures.
• Establish, within Town policy, appropriate service, and staffing levels; allocate resources accordingly.
• Plan, direct, and coordinate the department's work plan, assign projects, and meet with management staff to identify and resolve problems.
• Select, train, motivate and evaluate department personnel. Provide and coordinate staff training. Work with employees to correct deficiencies, implement discipline and termination procedures.
• Represent the department to other Town departments, elected officials, and outside agencies, coordinate department activities.
• Provide staff assistance to the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen. Prepare and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence.
• Confer with citizens and Town officials on law enforcement problems and assist in the development of innovative municipal law enforcement policies. Ensure responsive, appropriate service delivery by conferring with civic, professional, service, fraternal and other community groups.
• Initiate internal investigations when appropriate and provide corrective action as needed.
• Review and analyze reports, legislation, court cases, etc. Prepare the initial responses for legal actions.
• Provide truthful, unreserved, and credible testimony in all judicial proceedings.
• Attend and participate in professional group meetings and associations; stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of law enforcement.

The Ideal Candidate
• A community policing advocate-Visible and connected in the community and with a track record for ensuring public confidence in the Marshal’s Office.
• A collaborator-Builds strong professional alliances within the Town, and with area law enforcement/emergency service agencies.
• An experienced officer, leader, and incident commander-Able to respond to incidents, oversee emergency operations, providing support to the officers and community during and after a critical incident.
• An excellent communicator-Demonstrates strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Is transparent with staff and the community and comfortable in PIO role, when needed.
• Technically savvy-Able to use technology and social media platforms to better serve and engage in outreach.
• Proficient in budgeting and financial management.
• Accountable-Operates with a high degree of personal integrity and empathy.
• Committed to officer training-Ensures public and officer safety and the use of best practices in current law enforcement.
• Diplomatic and emotionally intelligent-A creative problem-solver and able to effectively manage sensitive law-enforcement matters, both internally and externally.
• A Working Marshal-One who has current relevant experience, and is who is fit, willing, and able to work a shift and respond to calls for service.
• Opportunities & Challenges
• Georgetown is looking to fill the vacated Town Marshal (Police Chief) position. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced and community-minded law enforcement professional with leadership and management experience to make a positive impact in an engaged community.
• The incumbent will critically analyze practices and procedures, and work with the Town’s leadership and other stakeholders to make the necessary adjustments to help ensure sound operations, tactics, and communication.
• The Marshal will be in a position to recruit, hire, train, and mentor the next generation of officers. This is an opportunity to build a solid foundation for the future and rebrand the department.


Compensation & Benefits- Salary Range- $100,000—$120,000 (depending on qualifications)
Benefit Summary- Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance, Long-term and Short-term disability plans/ insurance, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance. Generally, benefits will commence the month following the Marshal’s start date. However, the Colorado Fire & Police Pension Association (FPPA) retirement plan will begin at the start of employment. The Town of Georgetown employees have access to a shared pass for the Loveland Ski Area. Town employees also receive a recreation pass for the Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District. The use of a take-home vehicle is negotiable.
To Apply- Email a cover letter, resume and contact info for 6 professional references to: [email protected] Deadline: Friday, May 17, 2024 (5:00 PM MST).


Questions? - KRW Associates LLC is assisting the Town of Georgetown, CO with this search. All questions should be directed to: [email protected] or by phone to: KRW Managing Partner, Lorne Kramer, 719-310-8960; or KRW Senior Associates, Mark Collins, 307-460-1941; or Gina McGrail, 303-249-9572. Direct communication with Town Officials is prohibited.
The Town of Georgetown, CO is an equal opportunity employer.

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