President's Corner

Introducing the president of NOBLE and their initiatives plus a glimpse of the noteworthy immediate past president.

Meet the President of NOBLE

Brenda Goss Andrews retired from the Detroit Police Department as a Deputy Chief with over 25 years of dedicated public service. She was promoted through the ranks from police officer to Deputy Chief becoming the first female in the Department’s history to administer and control the police department’s $400 million-dollar budget and thirty million dollars in state and federal grants. As deputy chief, she was one of the incident commanders in the August 2003 city-wide blackout that lasted for several days, responsible for procuring generators for precincts and ensuring the 911 system was operational among many other tasks.

President Brenda Goss Andrews Pillars

"It Starts At Home" - A NOBLE Firearm Safety Initiative

“Nearly a third of homes in this country have guns – and approximately 4.6 million children live in homes with guns that are unsecured, exponentially increasing the chance for harm to themselves or others. But these senseless gun deaths and injuries can be 100 percent preventable with proper storage and security measures and collaboration among law enforcement, community organizations, businesses, elected officials and residents,” says NOBLE President Brenda Goss Andrews. “This is a national emergency, so the partnership with Be SMART comes at an opportune time for us to work together to provide widespread education and empower communities to act.”

Immediate Past President