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The Talk

Criminal Justice System, NOBLE created The TALK to provide a safe space for youth and LE to have candid conversations. Since its inaugural event in Dallas, Texas, “The TALK!” has been NOBLE’s most sought after program and has reached over 200 students since January 2023.

To schedule a TALK in your region or learn how you can become a partner, please contact Melissa Thompson, [email protected].

About the Program

The Talk” was conceptualized by NOBLE President Brenda Goss Andrews (2022-2023) in the Spring of 2022 to be a youth-led panel discussion on issues facing young people today, including gun violence and mental health. Lieutenant James Jefferson, Chairperson of NOBLE’s Youth & Young Adult Committee has facilitated the traveling program to Dallas, Detroit, Shreveport, Tempe, Arizona, and Washington, DC. The program is designed to engage youth around the country between the ages of 14-18 in candid conversations about their concerns. Since the programs debut in 2022 close to 400 students have been involved in The Talk.