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NOBLE Youth Program

The NOBLE Youth Program hosts an Annual Youth Leadership Conference with NOBLE’s Training Conference, featuring quality speakers and relevant law enforcement topics. Designed for ages 14-18, it aims to influence youth, enhance community relations, and teach leadership skills through a dynamic, practical curriculum.

To learn more about participating in the NOBLE Youth Leadership Conference, contact Dr. Rhonda Glover Reese at [email protected] or [email protected]. For general information, please contact us.

Empowering Future Leaders

The vision of the NOBLE Youth Program is to prepare youth to assume leadership roles in their communities and to maximize the opportunity for youth to develop their full potential.

NOBLE recognizes the importance of influencing young people and improving community relations between youth and public safety organizations by raising awareness, fostering appreciation, and sparking interest in public safety careers.

The NOBLE Youth Program:

The Youth Leadership Conference

The youth leadership conference exposes over 200 youth to critical law enforcement issues and prepares them for leadership roles. Participants learn essential skills such as assessing strengths, developing strategic plans, setting goals, and effective communication. The NOBLE Youth Program empowers aspiring leaders by providing these opportunities.

Since 2002, the program has impacted youth in cities like Tampa, Tulsa, Dallas, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Norfolk, Baltimore, Lexington, Little Rock, Pittsburgh, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Washington, DC, Hollywood, New Orleans, Orlando, and Cleveland.