The Law & Your Community is a nationally recognized hands-on interactive training program for young people ages 13-18 designed to improve their communications with law enforcement officers and their understanding of their federal, state and local laws.

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The Law and Your Community Details

Components of the program include:

  • Citizenship: The primary purpose of this module is to provide a short but insightful education of how our representative democracy works and the role that citizens play in this system. Emphasis is placed on the power that citizens have to affect the direction of their government by being active participants in the electoral process. Another purpose of the module is to show you why and how laws are made at the local, state, and national levels. A third purpose of the lesson is to stress the importance of laws and their purpose in maintaining the health and welfare of society as well as peace and order.
  • Law Literacy: The primary purpose is to increase participants’ knowledge base regarding common crimes that teens and young adults often find themselves charged with. A secondary purpose of the lesson is to influence decision-making such that participants will avoid purposely or inadvertently engaging in criminal activity. The final purpose of the lesson is to help participants analyze, evaluate, and correct behavior that may lead to entanglement into the criminal justice system.
  • Law Enforcement Engagement: The purpose is to educate participants on the proper ways to respond during encounters with law enforcement and how to handle police misconduct— during, and after, the time the misconduct takes place. Secondly, we will explore what Community Policing is and is not. Lastly, we will discuss the realities of working in Law Enforcement.

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NOBLE is seeking outstanding candidates who have been preparing themselves for a career to be a CEO and who want the benefit of mentoring and coaching. If you are a NOBLE member that aspires to become a chief executive officer, NOBLE has designed a program specifically for you.
Education and training courses will be held at the NOBLE national conferences and at Cedarville University.

Potential candidates may be from a law enforcement agency of any size or type including local, regional, state, and federal.

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CEO Mentoring Program Details


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Attended a law enforcement management school such as:
    • FBI NA
    • Northwestern Police
    • Staff and Command
    • Southern Police Institute
  • At least a rank of captain in mid-size, large law enforcement agency, assistant special agent, or second in command in small law enforcement agency
  • Assistant special agent-in-charge of a federal agency field office
  • NOBLE member for at least two years and attended at least two national conferences
  • Complete a background check


The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) is very pleased to join the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and others in delivering Collaborative Reform Initiative technical assistance to law enforcement agencies across the nation.

We look forward to playing an integral role in this much needed effort which focuses on developing and executing a national law enforcement technical assistance program at all levels of law enforcement. The technical assistance offerings will include everything from Active Shooter Responses to Police Responses to Mass Demonstrations of which NOBLE is well versed.

Clarence E. Cox, III
Past National President
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)

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Collaborative Reform Initiative Details

What does the Collaborative Reform Initiative do?

Support and guidance for the field, by the field.

The Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center (CRI-TAC) provides free, customized technical assistance solutions designed to meet the unique needs of state, local, tribal, and campus communities throughout the United States.

  • Tailored, scalable solutions
  • Informed by cutting-edge innovation and evidence-based and promising practices
  • Designed in a collaborative manner with the agency
  • Designed in a collaborative manner with the agency
  • Delivered by subject matter experts from the field
  • No cost to the requesting agency.

CRI-TAC Brochure