Executive Board, Regions, & Chapters

National President

National President
Lynda R. Williams

Executive Board

The elected officers of the Organization shall consist of a:

  • National President
  • National First Vice President
  • National Second Vice President
  • National Treasurer
  • National Recording Secretary
  • National Parliamentarian
  • National Financial Secretary
  • National Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Six (6) Regional Vice Presidents
  • Federal Assistant to the National President
  • National Associate Members Representative

The appointed officers of the Organization shall consist of:

  • Executive Director
  • General Counsel
  • National Chaplain
  • Two (2) Special Assistant(s) to the National President
  • Special Assistant to the National President for International Affairs

These appointed positions are nonvoting.

Regions & Chapters

NOBLE Chapters are where we make the most impact in the community. NOBLE is comprised of 59 chapters in six regions throughout the United States. We also have members in Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, and several countries in Africa.

Whether members are engaged in a food or clothing drive, presenting the Law and Your Community, reading to children, awarding scholarships, or talking with young people about safety—be it traffic safety, gun safety, internet safety, bullying or HIV/AIDS prevention—NOBLE cares!

To contact a local chapter, please use the Leadership Directory above or call


Regions Map