Executive Board

National President

Lynda R. Williams

  • Deputy Assistant Director (Retired)
  • U.S. Secret Service
  • Professor – Criminal Justice Administration
  • Middle Tennessee State University



Dr. Rosalynde M. Fenner

  • Supervisory Special Agent
  • Drug Enforcement Administration


Region One Vice President

Gerald Nelson

  • Chief of Police (Retired)
  • New York Police Department


National First Vice President

Frederick L. Thomas

  • Captain/ Commander
  • East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office



Kevin Granville

  • Major
  • Broward County Sheriff’s Office


Region Two Vice President

Estella J. Thomas

  • Supervisory Aviation Inspector (Retired)
  • Transportation Security Administration


National Second Vice President

Brenda Goss Andrews

  • Deputy Chief of Police (Retired)
  • Detroit Police Department


Associate Members Representative

Michelle Te’ge’

  • Detective 1st Grade
  • New York City Police Department


Region Three Vice President

Robert Ford

  • Assistant Chief
  • Marshallville Police Department


Immediate Past President

Cerelyn J. Davis

  • Chief of Police
  • Durham NC Police Department


Federal Assistant to the President

Jeffrey Fobbs Jr.

  • Postal Inspector
  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service


Region Four Vice President

Tiffany Tims

  • Chief of Police
  • Hocking College Police Department



Gina V. Hawkins

  • Chief of Police
  • Fayetteville City Police Department


Special Assistant to the President

Lou E. Dixon

  • Principle Assistant Inspector (Retired)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation


Region Five Vice President

Edwin Debiew

  • Assistant Special Agent in Charge
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Financial Secretary

Quovella M. Spruill

  • Public Safety Director
  • Franklin Township


Special Assistant to the President

John E. Pearson

  • Director of Police Services
  • DeKalb County Police Department


Region Six Vice President

Anthony April

  • Captain
  • Alaska State Troopers


Recording Secretary

Judith Harrison

  • Assistant Chief
  • New York City Police Department


Special Assistant to the President for International Affairs

Melody Jackson

  • Special Agent in Charge (Retired)


National Chaplain

Reverend Barbara Williams Harris

  • Inspector-Chaplain
  • New York Police Department