NOBLE 2020: Visions of a Brighter Future
Through 21st Century Policing

The complexity of modern policing is centerstage as law enforcement encounter increased community tension, the impact of a COVID-19 pandemic, and the demand for ethical decision making. To help law enforcement meet these challenges, NOBLE hosted the 44th Annual Training Conference and Exhibition as a completely virtual event in July 2020.

Access Conference Sessions

Together, some of the nation’s top law enforcement, civic, and community leaders examined the current crisis and evaluated the future of 21st century policing. You can listen to those important discussions by visiting the NOBLE YouTube channel. By accessing the virtual conference, you will hear sessions focused on:

  • What is the future of policing?
  • What impact does stress, racism, and sexism have on 1st responders?
  • How will leadership manage this new era of law enforcement?
  • Where will local resources be allocated?
  • What will policing look like across the United States?

All of the videos are free to view at your convenience via NOBLE’s conference playlist on YouTube. Next year, NOBLE plans to host its 45th Annual Training Conference & Exhibition in Dallas, Texas. Stay tuned for more information as it is released.

In addition, NOBLE will host the 2021 William R. Bracey Winter CEO Symposium in February/March 2021. Details on the event will be announced soon.

If you have any questions about your registration or the conference, please contact us at,
(703) 658-1529