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Redefining Law Enforcement & Public Safety Across America.

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. 56 chapters in 6 regions focused on public safety while engaged in public service to all communities.

Our Mission:

To ensure equity in the administration of justice in the provision of public service to all communities, and to serve as the conscience of law enforcement by being committed to justice by action.

Our Supporters:

Justice by Action

NOBLE is at the forefront of providing solutions to law enforcement issues and concerns, as well as to the everchanging needs of our communities. Our commitment to “Justice By Action” serves the demands of law enforcement issues worldwide which makes NOBLE a valuable asset for anyone interested in pursuing the improvement within the administration of justice. 

Together, we're making a difference in the justice system and for all.

Since 1976, NOBLE has been providing solutions to black law enforcement issues through a unified voice.


Members and Growing.


Communities Reached.


Chapters and Growing.


Regions Across the Country.

Bridging Gaps & Paving the Way

NOBLE is opening the doors for growth, success, and new possibilities for law enforcement.

The Law & Your Community

Develop, strengthen, and revitalize community and law enforcement relations for ages 13 to 18.

CEO Mentoring Program

Mentoring and coaching for NOBLE member candidates seeking a career as a CEO.

Collaborative Reform Initiative

Support and guidance for the field, by the field. Free & customized technical assistance solutions.


Joining NOBLE can have several potential advantages. These benefits include networking opportunities, professional development resources, access to education programs and conferences, mentorship opportunities, advocacy for diversity and inclusion in law enforcement as well as a platform to address issues relevant to the African American law enforcement community.

Yes, you will be able to access a wide variety of information with CIRCLE including training information, workshops, bringing together content and discussion in one place as well as increase engagement. Once fully active, the NOBLE National Office will host several virtual training sessions demonstrating the Circle Membership portal and how to use it.

Yes, anyone can join NOBLE. If you are not law enforcement, you may join as either a Regular or Associate membership category and have an option to join as a Supporting member. If you have additional questions, please contact Sarah Johnson ([email protected]) or call 703-658-1529.

NOBLE has a variety of programs and training aimed at promoting professional development, advocacy, and community engagement among our members. Programs include conferences, training sessions, leadership forums and community outreach initiatives.

You can get in touch by visiting our contact page if you have further questions or want to get involved.

Latest News & Developments

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Registration for the 48th Annual Training Conference & Exhibition begins now! Book your stay for the event.

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Our Member's Thoughts

"I joined NOBLE to be amongst top-level leaders whose collective goal is to strengthen the law enforcement community and influence legislation that impacts marginalized communities. Being a part of an organization whose values and principles reflect the integrity of policing, is paramount to me. NOBLE has made me conscious about my duties and responsibilities as a police officer and Black American. "

Rashidi Johnson

Chapter President

"As a black female officer, I understand the impact I can have to effectuate change in our community. That is why I applied for membership with NOBLE because of its history, mission, vision, and its beliefs in outreach and community service. Since joining, I have not only gained a new family in law enforcement all over the world, but it has also impacted my passion for public service by providing me with more resources and trainings to help better serve my community. "

Angela Mathews

Region 5 Member

"“Equity” and “justice” – these are the words that mean the most to me in NOBLE’s mission. The women and men of this organization are working hard each and every day in the name of equity and justice to make communities safer across the nation. When I look back at my involvement with NOBLE since I joined until now, I think about the positive impact the organization has had over the years and I’m thankful for this network of professional colleagues."

Natalie Ammons

Chapter President, Georgia Chapter

"It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of an organization where other professionals resemble me, and that takes pride in finding solutions to the problems within law enforcement. NOBLE has inspired me to be a better person and leader. It has pushed me to motivate others and instill my own philosophy to bring unity among our own, to look at the criminal justice system and find ways to build trust, and to close the gap between law enforcement and the communities we serve."

Bobby Barrows

Executive Director & Chief of Police

"I joined NOBLE in 2015 at the urging of my current Chief, Clayton A. Harris. I quickly realized my association with NOBLE was necessary for personal growth and professional development. Joining NOBLE strengthened and stimulated my desire for civic engagement. NOBLE has made me a better leader; it has increased my awareness on the complex moral and civic dimensions of my community’s social problems and created a platform for our chapter to act."

Thomas McMillan


"I joined NOBLE towards the end of my undergraduate degree at Bowie State University seeking an organization that would provide me with support and guidance into my career field. I received just that the second I joined and became a member of the Washington Metro Chapter. I have gained lifelong connections and memories that will last. This organization has provided me with skills and knowledge that I can use every day."

Bilqees Stover

Member, Washington DC Metro Chapter