The United States Park Police (USPP), established by President George Washington in 1791, is the oldest uniformed police force in the federal service. As an organization of the National Park Service (NPS), the USPP provides a wide range of public safety and visitor and resource protection functions including patrolling and securing heavily visited urban national park areas that contain iconic national infrastructure and are visited by millions of people each year at NPS sites within Washington DC, New York City, and San Francisco. The Chief leads this geographically dispersed, multi-jurisdictional law enforcement workforce using progressive police management techniques that include sound workforce and organizational management practices that focus on crime prevention, response, and effective inter/intra-agency collaboration. The Chief assures that effective controls are developed and maintained to ensure the integrity of the organization and holds themselves and others accountable for rules and responsibilities, including the management and control of all sensitive property within his/her jurisdiction.

As the head of this organization, the Chief is responsible for a wide range of law enforcement policies and standards ensuring that the USPP organization maintains high levels of professionalism and efficiency. They will be responsible for setting administrative and operational priorities, as well as, integrating activities and operations in a manner that helps park units and regions accomplish their management objectives. Chief maintains liaison with local, state, and other federal agencies and outside organizations having an interest in the activities of assigned program areas. As a specialist in police management, law enforcement and crime prevention, the Chief is also responsible for advising and consulting the NPS Director, Deputy Director, and Associate Director, VRP, as well as the Secretary of the DOI and/or their principal assistants on problems involving law enforcement and security in areas of USPP responsibility.

Experience in a primary/rigorous law enforcement position is a mandatory prerequisite in order to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position. Maintaining a law enforcement commission will be required for this position to carry and use firearms in the performance of law enforcement duties.

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