Classification Title Public Safety Officer – Metro
Working Title Public Safety Officer

School/Department Information
The Department of Police and Public Safety is responsible for: law enforcement, criminal investigations, parking enforcement, parking fine collection, emergency first response, community policing, security escorts, security surveys, motorist assists, educational presentations, and special event services, among other duties on the campus of UNC School of the Arts.
Primary Description of Work
Applicants applying for 067322 are also applying for Public Safety Officer 067304.
Police Officers are responsible for enforcing state and local laws and UNCSA regulations as they pertain to law enforcement. Employees are empowered with full law enforcement power and are charged with the responsibility of apprehension of criminal offenders, criminal investigation, traffic enforcement and serving of warrants and summons. Officers have jurisdiction on all property that is owned, operated and/or controlled by UNCSA. Officers are responsible for deterring crime, maintaining the peace, and protecting lives and property by such means as high visibility patrol, intervention in criminal acts in progress and investigation of criminal violations.

Officers apply the laws relating to the rights of suspects, search and seizure, maintaining the chain of evidence, arrest authority, and the appropriate use of force. Officers apply the methods, procedures, and practices used in investigation, complaints filed (orally or in writing) and alleged violations of UNCSA regulations, local, state, and federal statutes. Officers apply emergency response principles and techniques; apply skill in the use of firearms, and other equipment used in enforcement and investigative activities, operate communications equipment and DCI equipment.
The officers are able to act quickly and intelligently in emergency situations, effectively carry out oral and written instructions, effectively communicate and deal with the public and representatives of the legal system, prepare routine reports of activities engaged in and incidents investigated, and apply UNCSA regulations, local, state, and federal laws and statutes in investigations. The officers perform other assigned duties as requested by their supervisor.

Work Schedule and hours
Week 1: Mon, Tues, Friday, Sat, Sun.
Week 2: Wed, Thurs
12 hour shifts, Work every other weekend, Does not switch between day and night shifts.
6:30 am- 6:30 pm or 6:30 pm-6:30 am

Description of Responsibilities and Duties
– Positions perform law enforcement work at a University campus or other State facility. With full powers of arrest, positions enforce the laws of the State and the United States Government. Positions have law enforcement authority ranging from traffic control to criminal investigations within a limited geographic jurisdiction. Work involves patrolling an assigned area for response to complaints or calls and for detection of violations in the enforcement of State laws and university policy. Duties include apprehending observed violators committing offenses, investigating violations or complaints in order to assess and handle cases, collection and preservation of evidence and the chain of custody, testifying in court proceedings and performing related work. Positions may serve as a patrol officer, detective squad member, crime prevention officer, or in some police organizations as a lead officer on an assigned shift.

– Patrol Campus, responding appropriately to observed violations of State Law, University Policy, and Parking Regulations. Conduct enforcement actions as necessary, responding with an educational focus as part of the tenants of Community Policing. Respond to emergencies including fire, medical, and criminal (active shooter, robbery, sexual assault, etc) and safeguard patients, victims, detain suspects, conduct interviews, prepare documentation of investigations, perform arrests, and testify in
court as necessary. Also, participating in campus judicial processes, providing summaries and testifying in Student Conduct Hearings as required.

– Crime Prevention Programming – Officers are expected to develop and/or participate in established crime prevention, safety education, and campus educational programming such as: Safety Education Tables, Liaison Programs, Faculty Enrichment Programs, RAD Program, ALICE Program, Bike Engravings, Residence Hall Educational Programs, Coffee with a Cop, etc.

– Special Events – Officers are expected to work a number of special events, some are mandatory, in order to support the educational and performing arts mission of the university.

– Assist with the inspection, maintenance, and testing of campus emergency equipment such as bluelights, AEDs, burglar alarms, patrol vehicles, and other emergency management equipment.
Minimum Qualifications
Commission or the ability to achieve certification within one year of employment. Additional Education and Experience will be necessary for progressive steps (Journey and Advanced) High school diploma or equivalency. Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer in accordance with the provisions of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards.

* Must have a valid driver’s license

If no applicants apply who meet the required competency level and training and experience requirements, then management may consider other applicants. Salary would be determined based on competencies, equity, budget, and market considerations.
Preferred Qualifications
Previous experience on a University Campus.

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