JOB TITLE: Chief of Police
AGENCY: City of Pasadena
LOCATION: Pasadena, CA
SALARY RANGE: Current: $291,906 w/ 2% PERS cost-share. Adjusted: $286,068

The Position
Reporting to the City Manager, the Chief of Police coordinates the activities of the Police Department; implements policies and establishes procedures related to crime prevention, law enforcement, and related community policing and services; develops and administers the department budget; serves as a member of the City’s management team; assumes additional responsibilities as assigned; performs related duties as required.

The incumbent is expected to exercise independent judgment, wisdom, common sense, and initiative in establishing efficient and effective departmental operations consistent with City Council objectives and administrative guidelines established by the City Manager. The incumbent must also function as a member of the City’s management team and participate actively in addressing issues of concern to the City which at times may not have a direct impact on their area of specialization.

The City of Pasadena’s next Chief of Police will guide and lead the department through the changes that are occurring in policing throughout the nation. This position requires someone who understands and is prepared to define and implement strategies and methodology required for law enforcement to be successful today and in the future.

Key Functions include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Ensures the department provides courteous and expedient customer service to the general public and City department staff.
• Analyzes operational and service demands and develops comprehensive plans to satisfy needs for department services and to ensure the highest possible quality of life for the residents of Pasadena; confers with legal advisors, citizens, and City officials on law enforcement problems; develops and implements municipal law enforcement policies and procedures.
• Directs the preparation and administers the budget for the Police Department; originates and implements organization and staffing patterns to effectively address operational needs.
• Advises and otherwise assists the City Manager in understanding and developing policies governing City responses to community policing, crime control and prevention.
• Coordinates municipal law enforcement activities with those of other agencies; establishes and maintains mutually productive working relationships with residents, community/business groups, and other criminal justice organizations.
• Selects department employees; plans and organizes work; develops and establishes work methods and standards; conducts or directs staff training and development; maintains effective department discipline and morale; reviews and evaluates employee performance; executes disciplinary action.
• Maintains high visibility and accessibility to the community to achieve positive interaction and understanding; represents the City, or delegates such authority, in relations with the community, the Community Police Oversight Commission, other advisory committees, local, state, and federal agencies, and professional organizations.

The Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate will be a seasoned professional with demonstrated success working through leadership transition in a diverse community while leading a law enforcement agency effectively in proactive community policing. The successful candidate will be dynamic, open-minded, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills necessary to build positive working relationships and partnerships at all levels within the department, with other City departments and the entire community. The Chief will provide consistent communication and outreach to the Pasadena residents, businesses, and other key stakeholders; promote collaborative problem solving, involve citizens in fighting crime and establish successful relationships with outside organizations. The new Chief of Police will exemplify integrity and professionalism, while promoting service-oriented policing, engagement and partnerships throughout all levels of the department. The ability to lead by example, be a team player and instill accountability while treating employees and the community equitably and with respect will be essential to success. Successful candidates will be open to input, serve as an advocate for the department while balancing the needs of the City, have an inclusive problem-solving approach and embrace workforce diversity and inclusion.

It is imperative that ’s Chief of Police understands the necessary relationship with the community and takes the opportunity to listen to and address community concerns with empathy, transparency, and understanding. Residents are engaged and having a Chief that is equally engaged and has a sense of being a part of this community while being open and present is critical for success in this position. Pasadena has a diverse population, so the new Chief must have experience in building local and regional partnerships while keeping a focus on protecting civil liberties.

Key Attributes and Characteristics
• Expert Communicator – Communicates clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.
• Strategic Administrator – Plans, directs, and coordinates the work of the Police Service of Pasadena to meet short-term public safety objectives in concert with the Department’s multi-year Strategic Plan priorities.
• Steadfast Leader – Develops and administers sound Departmental policies, making decisions in accordance with laws, regulations, and City/Department policies.
• Inclusive Recruiter – Attracts and retains a diverse staff of sworn and civilian staff enriched by the cultural diversity which sets Pasadena apart.
• Respected Mentor – Identifies and develops talented subordinates to assume increasing levels of responsibility in service to the community.
• Skilled Supervisor – Delegates, while monitoring performance. Holds all subordinates accountable in a timely manner and imposes discipline when appropriate.
• Collaborator & Bridge Builder – Promotes community unity and forges effective working relationships.
• Facilitator – Works constructively with all internal and external stakeholders, including command staff and labor organizations.
• Enterpriser – Takes initiative to continue the Department’s progress in the area of community-oriented policing.
• Equitable Leader – Leads by clear example, to ensure that officers value the richness of Pasadena’s diversity and interacts with all community members in an unbiased manner.
• Proactive Chief of Police – Invests in the City’s future by reducing crime problems through meaningful intervention strategies.
• Visionary – Leads to achieve the City’s long-term vision for the Police Service of Pasadena.

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