Job Status: Full-Time
Days Worked: Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat.
Rate of Pay: $32,000 – $36,000

The Town of Southern Pines is a growing service-oriented resort/retirement community with a population of approximately 14,500, seeking qualified candidates for a progressive and professional CALEA Accredited Department. The Town offers a highly competitive benefits package to include enrollment in the North Carolina Retirement system, 401(K), medical and vision insurance, a discretionary supplemental income benefit of $100 biweekly, a sick and vacation leave package, all uniforms, equipment and excellent training opportunities. Uniformed officers currently work a 4 on/4 off 12 hour shift. Successful applicants must pass a physical, drug test, comprehensive criminal background investigation and psychological testing.

As a Police Cadet, this position’s primary responsibility will be to attend BLET training on a full-time basis in preparation for assignment as a sworn police officer for the Town of Southern Pines. The start date for the position will be August 10, 2022, prior to the anticipated academy start date which is August 15, 2022.

This position requires a minimum commitment of 2 years employment with the Town of Southern Pines after completion of the BLET program. Failure to complete the BLET program or the minimum 2 year employment commitment will require the candidate to reimburse the Town of Southern Pines for the costs associated with participation in the BLET training program.

Please note that the minimum pay range shown is just that – a minimum. We look at every candidate individually and will make sure that your starting pay offer will be competitive based on the experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities YOU bring to the table.

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