The Chief of Operations & Field Services will develop plans and oversee the deployment and operations of nearly 1,000 patrol officers to achieve a secure environment for MTA’s nearly 70 thousand employees and 8 million customers, and hundreds of billions of dollars of MTA infrastructure over a 5,000 square mile area. The Chief of Operations & Field Services will ensure that the Department goals and objectives, as established by the MTA Chairman and Chief of Police, are clearly understood and followed by the field uniformed police force as well as administrative staff and will assist the Chief of Police in formulating policy to attain those goals and objectives.
The Chief of Operations & Field services must provide for the protection of MTA’s customers and employees. The incumbent must further provide for the quality of environment within the transportation system by driving enforcement of all MTA rules and standards of conduct by those within the system.
Job Description:
• The Chief of Operations will serve as second in command in the Police Department and will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chief of Police in his or her absence.

  • This position will serve as the commander of an authorized strength of 1,000 patrol officers. The incumbent will ensure that officers are trained and equipped for police operations on the Long Island Railroad, Metro-North Railroad, and New York City Transit properties spread over 5,000 square miles. The police officers he commands provide safety and security services for 8 million of daily commuters in environments ranging from densely populated urban areas to rural villages linked by long stretches of open track.
  • In addition, the Department operates within a variety of municipal and state jurisdictions requiring the Chief of Operations to have knowledge of and familiarity with a wide array of local laws, regulations and procedures thereby adding to the complexity of the position as relates to providing effective policing. As such, the Chief of Operations & Field Services will be required to develop close working relationships with key state, county and local community officials in the areas served, to establish a relationship of trust and understanding with the community and to increase sensitivity to local issues.
  • The Chief of Operations will supervise the command staff and will assure that the staff is fully trained in all laws and amendments to those laws that exist in each jurisdiction covered. The Chief of Operations will assure that the training and development of the Police Department includes all aspects of law enforcement and will ensure that the MTA Police Department Guide/Manual is current and complete.
  • The Chief of Operations & Field Services will maintain close working contact with the Police Department of the State, City and suburban communities and develop coordinated action plans with them to address potential and actual criminal activity and disaster planning. The Chief of Operations & Field Services will work closely with the management of all MTA agencies on all aspects of disaster planning and emergency preparation.
  • The Chief of Operations & Field Services is accountable for all administrative and command staff of the MTA Police Department. The incumbent will serve as the principal administrator and manager of all policy directives by the Chief of Police, as well as serving as the principal leader of MTA Police field operations. The Chief of Operations will also be accountable for the overall supervision of the police Internal Controls Unit.
  • The Chief of Operations & Field Services will also be accountable for all administrative functions within the Police Department, which include but are not limited to budget, overtime, compensation, procurement, personnel administration, training, preparation for collective bargaining, and the administration of collective bargaining agreements. The Chief of Operations & Field Services will make recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding supervisory personnel as it relates to corrective action, skills development and/or promotions.
  • The Chief of Operations & Field Services will perform all related police duties as assigned by the Chief of Police to maintain an effective and professional Police Department.
    • Due to the wide geographic area serviced by the MTA Police, the Chief of Operations must be fully knowledgeable of and familiar with the numerous laws of various towns, cities and counties.
    • The incumbent must have the ability to develop relationships with community officials, extensive experience in supervising a uniformed Department, as well as excellent administrative skills.
    Education and Experience:
    • A Bachelor’s Degree in business, legal or criminal justice (or equivalent years in progressively responsible police experience) and a minimum of ten years’ experience at the command level of a police operation required.
    • A master’s degree in business, legal, or criminal justice preferred. Experience in public transportation preferred.
    • A background that includes some labor relations and human resources experience would be a plus, as well as training on state-of-the-art police techniques.
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MTA and its subsidiary and affiliated agencies are Equal Opportunity Employers, including with respect to veteran status and individuals with disabilities.

The MTA encourages qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities, including military service members, to apply.

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