Chief of Police-Village of Southampton (NY)


Police Chief Employment Opportunity

Village of Southampton, New York


Southampton Village seeks a dynamic and professional Chief of Police with significant and demonstrable contemporary policing and extreme executive management experience, a collaborative style, superior communications skills, and strong interpersonal and public service skills.

The Police Chief administers, plans, and directs the operations of the Police Department functions to protect life and property through law enforcement and crime prevention activities for Southampton Village.

Primary Job Functions:

  • Develops and implements objectives, plans, programs, policies, activities, and operations for the Police Department
  • Directs and develops short and long-range plans, goals, and objectives for the department
  • Works closely with the Board of Trustee officials in setting and carrying out the Village vision, mission, and objectives for the Police Department
  • Consults with the Board of Trustees in formulating policies and regulations and implementing Village directives governing the activities of the Police Department
  • Provides technical support and recommendations to the Trustees including the interpretation and application of policy and procedure and risk management best practices. Is a part of the Safety Committee
  • Directs the preparation and administration of the department budget based on staffing and resource requirements, cost estimates, objectives, and goals. Monitors the budget to assure compliance with approved budget levels and standards with Trustees
  • Coordinates working relationships with other public safety agencies, Village departments, special interest groups, Legislature, and the general public. Makes public presentations to interested groups, schools, and other organizations. Serves as the agency’s Public Information Officer to maintain communication with media representatives and ensure accurate reporting of activities
  • Prepare and implement a strategic plan to reduce the crime rate in the Village by utilizing the department in the most efficient manner (Hartnett Report )
  • With the assistance of the Human Resource Manager, resolves grievances and other sensitive personnel matters with respect the department.
  • Works with the Administrative staff of the Department to manage and make decisions on personnel issues and the development of employees in their positions
  • Assures all personnel are adequately trained to perform duties
  • Establishes operational department policies, procedures, work rules, and performance standards to assure the efficient and effective operation of the Police Department and ensures compliance with Village standards and labor agreements
  • Prepares reports, drafts ordinances, and makes recommendations on law enforcement issues to the Village Trustees and the public
  • Oversees with the assistance of the Trustees all public complaints and allegations of employee misconduct
  • Oversees the maintenance and operation of all police equipment and property.
  • Manages and assists in events of major crisis, crime, or accident. Coordinates communication to ensure Trustees are properly informed of activities.
  • Performs other duties as needed and assigned
  • Hands-on approach to maintain the ability and qualifications to function and perform all of the duties of uniformed police officers and participates in patrol and investigative operations as appropriate.
  • Responsible for the review of local, state, and federal legislation to determine the impact on departmental plans, policies, and strategies
  • Responsible for the overall Department response to emergency situations and major crime scenes

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Broad knowledge of law enforcement activities, police practices and procedures, investigative methods and techniques, federal, state, and local laws, firearm use and safety precautions, principles of supervision, and personnel practices.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of police administration and police methods; comprehensive knowledge of controlling laws and ordinances; good knowledge of scientific methods of criminal detection and criminal identification; ability to lead and direct the activities of police officers, police sergeants, police lieutenants and civilian employees; ability to interpret the work of the police department, and to maintain cooperative relationships with other town officials and the general public; commensurate with the demands of the position.
  • Bachelors Degree or higher education in conjunction with relevant experience as listed above.

Please email for more information and to apply.