Police Officer (Lateral)-Town of Queen Creek (AZ)

Additional information including a list of hiring incentives can be found on our website: www.queencreekaz.gov

Please submit an electronic application on our website by 10/10/21.

Performs general and specialized police work involving the enforcement of laws and ordinances, protecting life and property, conducting investigations, detection and arrest of violators, effecting crime prevention, providing community services, responding to requests for assistance, or acting in some other specialized assignments of comparable responsibility. Assignments may include, but are not limited to patrol, traffic, tactical, and other field operations including criminal investigations, threat mitigation, and task force operations, community services and crime prevention, administration, school resource, training, internal oversight, and other support assignments.

TYPICAL CLASS ESSENTIAL DUTIES: (These duties are a representative sample; position assignments may vary; and employees are responsible for all other duties as assigned):
Monitors radio communication and responds to community requests, calls-for-service, and emergencies;
Assists other officers, department personnel, and Town staff as needed;
Investigates crimes, complaints, accidents, and other situations;
Administers first aid, secures crime and accident scenes, conducts investigations, and identifies and preserves evidence;
Interviews individuals with complaints and provides an appropriate disposition or refers to proper authorities;
Assesses activity or situations and takes appropriate action to enforce laws and maintain safety and security;
When appropriate, apprehends suspects, makes/processes arrests; and transports offenders;
Patrols designated areas to maintain order and to prevent, deter or discover violations and other criminal activity;
When appropriate, conducts traffic stops and issues citations or warnings;
Prepares and completes a variety of reports to provide documentation of daily shift activities, investigations, law and code violations, civil process, warrants, individual statements, critical incidents, and evidence management;
Prepares, obtains, and/or serves warrants, court orders, civil processes, and other legal documents;
Enforces traffic laws, codes, and regulations; facilitates traffic safety around accidents or congested areas; and provides assistance to disabled motorists;
Enforces other state laws and local codes/ordinances;
Reviews and prepares case documentation for trials, hearings, depositions, etc.;
Provides testimony for trials, hearings, depositions, etc.;
Attends all designated meetings, briefings, training, and required appearances;
As assigned, serves as a liaison to community groups, businesses, individuals, and other stakeholders to promote public safety, crime prevention, and awareness;
Participates in community events and meetings;
Conducts training for department staff, residents, volunteers, and other designated individuals;
Cross-trains in a wide variety of law enforcement skills and disciplines;
Maintains the integrity, professionalism, values and goals of the Police Department by assuring that all rules and regulations are followed, and that accountability and public trust are preserved;
Supports the relationship between the Town and the general public by demonstrating courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with residents, visitors, business owners, organizational leaders, and other community members;
Responds to questions, provides information, resolves complaints, and promotes positive public and community relations;
Stays informed on all new or of new or updated laws, courts decisions, department policies, division procedures, and other important notifications;
Maintains compliance with all Town, State, and Federal laws, codes, and regulations;
Maintains compliance with all Town and Departmental rules, procedures and guidelines;
Embraces the Town’s and department’s mission, vision and values;
Provides support to special projects, tasks, or other assignments;
Provides appropriate notifications for critical incidents or other designated situations;
Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

QUALIFICATIONS – Training and Experience (positions in this class typically require):
High School Diploma or GED;
Completion of a Law Enforcement / Police Academy;
Completion of a Field Training Program;
Minimum of one (1) year of sworn law enforcement experience (and off of probation) in a law enforcement agency of comparable size or larger.

LICENSING REQUIREMENTS (positions in this class typically require):
Valid Arizona Driver’s License;
Must be certified as an Arizona Police Officer within three (3) months of hire and continue to maintain Arizona Peace Officer and Standard Training (AZ POST) standards;
For AZPOST certification, out-of-state candidates (or expired AZ peace officers) will be required to complete the AZPOST waiver process which includes firearms qualification (day, night, target ID/discrimination), tactical driving qualification, a Physical Aptitude Test (POPAT), a written test, and documentation for (academy) equivalency training