Chief of Police-City of Talladega (AL)

Job Summary

Under the administrative direction of the City Manager and City Council, the employee provides leadership and direction to the Police Department of the City. The employee performs work within the City’s policies and administrative regulations with wide latitude for exercise of independent judgment. The employee manages and directs programs and activities of the Department, developing and implementing policies and processes and conducting long-term planning in support of the City’s strategic plan. The employee sets the vision and develops goals and objectives; administers initiatives to deliver law enforcement to the City with a high degree of excellence and cost effectiveness. The employee prepares and oversees budget for the Department and manages all Department personnel. The employee serves as Department spokesperson and represents the Department to the City Council, community and the media. The employee recruits and interviews applicants and ensures employees have the necessary training and equipment to perform their assigned duties. The employee also performs patrol duties. Considerable initiative, and understanding must be exercised in interpreting orders, rules, and regulations, and in meeting emergency situations. Work is performed in accordance with established rules, regulations, and instructions and work is reviewed upon completion. This job classification is identified as safety-sensitive and is subject to a pre-employment background check and random drug screens.

Essential Functions

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following list was developed through a job analysis; however, it is not exhaustive and other duties may be required and assigned. A person with a disability which is covered by the ADA must be able to perform the essential functions of the job unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Supervision and Management. The employee provides leadership and direction to a Department where the goal is to provide the highest quality service to the citizens of the City.

  1. Oversees activities in the Department through subordinate officers; visits with units periodically to observe overall conditions and speak with personnel.
    2. Plans and conducts staff meetings with key personnel to share information about current and upcoming issues; receives reports on issues of concern to personnel and citizens.
    3. Meets with individual supervisors regarding specific issues and/or problems.
    4. Makes all major decisions concerning the Police Department on policies and procedures not made by the state and City Council and officially sanctions and approves any changes in operational procedure or unit function before such changes become effective.
    5. Motivates, communicates with, and leads subordinates to work as a team in accomplishing objectives.
    6. Performs routine inspections of uniforms, weapons, vehicles, and all equipment within vehicle.
    7. Monitors the general level of morale and job satisfaction and resolves developing problems as soon as possible.
    8. Ensures that policies and procedures are strictly enforced.
    9. Reviews major investigative and related reports.
    10. Performs disciplinary actions in accordance with City policies and procedures specifically, issuing corrections, conducting performance counseling, issuing verbal and written reprimands, sending employees home on paid time for disciplinary infractions, and recommending suspensions or terminations to the City Manager.
    11. Reviews all disciplinary actions by ranking officers.
    12. Provides recommendations for filling vacancies within the Department to the City Manager.
    13. Oversees performance appraisal system for the Police Department, reviewing all performance appraisal forms and ensuring consistency and fair implementation of system.
    14. Conducts performance evaluations and signs performance appraisals prepared by ranking officers and supervisors.
    15. Monitors Departmental training activities.
    16. Ensures employees receive required training and orientation.
    17. Consults with the City Manager concerning plans and policies of police operations.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Department Administration. Performs administrative duties to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Department.

  1. Receives Departmental monthly and annual reports and compiles information into required reports to the City Manager and City Council.
    2. Submits budget requests to City Council; expresses essential needs and priorities.
    3. Monitors Departmental budget and financial expenditures throughout the fiscal year, makes adjustments as needed to stay within budgetary guidelines.
    4. Attends Council meetings and makes reports as requested.
    5. Coordinates with the City Clerk to ensure grant-reporting requirements are met.
    6. Reviews purchase orders of the Department.
    7. Accounts for money from profitable exercises.
    8. Seeks City Council approval for the purchase and sale of surplus and auction items; ensures that proceeds from sales are directed to Department budget.
    9. Presentations proposed ordinances and laws to the City Council.
    10. Oversees the monthly reporting of crime statistics.
    11. Oversees all internal investigations.
    12. Conducts annual review of internal affairs report to accreditation.
    13. Develops Department annual goals and objectives; coordinates planning efforts to achieve goals.
    14. Attends conferences and training to remain current in principles of law enforcement leadership, techniques, and issues.
    15. Recruits and interviews candidates for employment and provides final approval for hire.
    16. Approves off-duty employment.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Patrol Operations. Performs patrol duties throughout the community and ensures all state and local laws are enforced.

  1. Conducts routine patrols of the City to address problems and concerns.
    2. Responds to major crime scenes and ensures proper procedures are followed.
    3. Approves deployment of SWAT assets.
    4. Testifies in court proceedings as needed.
    5. Performs death notifications on behalf of the Police Department.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Community Relations. Performs public relations and safety activities to increase public awareness of the policies and regulations established to protect and support the community and its citizens.

  1. Plans, develops, and implements public relations activities for the Department.
    2. Maintains excellent community and police relationships by making positive contact with people in neighborhoods, schools and the business district.
    3. Receives, considers and addresses citizen complaints and problems with the City in concert with the City Manager.
    4. Promotes good safety habits in the community.
    5. Presents safety and drug awareness and prevention programs to schools, churches, and civic organizations.
    6. Attends schools, seminars, and workshops.
    7. Represents the City in matters pertaining to crime prevention and law enforcement.
    8. Oversees the preparation of news releases and interacts with the media within limits set by department policies and procedures.
    9. Attends City Council meetings and provides information pertaining to municipal public safety issues.
    10. Maintains effective working relationships with the District Attorney’s Office, other police departments, and the public.
    11. Attends public functions as Police Department City representative.
    12. Listens to public concerns and takes appropriate actions when able.
    13. Provides support to other jurisdictions as needed.
    14. Participates in safety and educational classes.
    15. Maintains physical condition required for performance of duties.
    16. Wears required safety and protective devices and equipment according to situation.
    17. Performs other related duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
(* Can be acquired on the job)

  1. *Knowledge of City and Departmental policies and procedures.
    2. Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, methods, and equipment employed in modem police operations.
    3. Extensive knowledge of federal, state, City, and Departmental laws, regulations, policies, and procedures regarding all police operations.
    4. Extensive knowledge of the governmental systems of Departmental budgeting and the ability to develop, submit, and maintain an annual budget for police service operations.
    5. Extensive knowledge of the geography of the City and its police jurisdiction.
    6. Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of modem police administration.
    7. Thorough knowledge of police records and their application to the solution of police problems.
    8. Thorough knowledge of the standards by which the quality of police service is evaluated.
    9. Thorough knowledge of the court system.
    10. Knowledge of disaster and emergency procedures.
    11. Knowledge of maintenance and use of firearms.
    12. Administrative skills to monitor budget, programs, schedules, etc.
    13. Verbal skills to communicate factual information to co-workers, supervisors, general public, and court personnel.
    14. Reading skills to read and understand department rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
    15. Writing skills to clearly, accurately, and neatly complete routine reports and other related paperwork.
    16. Math skills to analyze, compute and prepare budgets.
    17. Computer skills to create documents and utilize databases.
    18. Driving skills to safely operate a vehicle under adverse conditions.
    19. Listening skills to receive radio calls, take complaints, and interview witnesses.
    20. Ability to manage Departmental activities and develop Departmental goals and plans.
    21. Ability to plan, organize, assign, direct, and evaluate the work of subordinates.
    22. Ability to analyze and evaluate situations under extreme duress and direct effective courses of action.
    23. Ability to supervise others.
    24. Ability to work independently and without supervision.
    25. Ability to promote effective public relations with regard to crime prevention awareness.
    26. Ability to command the respect of officers and assign, direct, and supervise their work.
    27. Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, orally, and in writing.
    28. Ability to prepare and supervise the preparation of clear, accurate, and comprehensive recommendations and reports.
    29. Ability to maintain a required level of physical fitness in order to perform police duties.
    30. Ability to organize and multi-task.
    31. Ability to work outdoors under adverse conditions.
    32. Ability to use two-way communication devices.
    33. Ability to drive a vehicle under adverse/emergency conditions.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Possess a high school diploma or GED; a two-year degree from accredited college or university in criminal justice or related field is preferred.
2. Possess APOSTC certification and ability to maintain.
3. Ten (10) years of law enforcement experience, including considerable progressively responsible supervisory experience; eight (8) years of supervisory experience.
4. Possess firearm, certifications and ability to maintain certification(s).
5. Possess a current and valid driver’s license and be insurable.
6. Ability to complete Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Training and maintain CEU hours.
7. Ability to obtain and maintain LETS/ADAPT certification.
8. Ability to work non-standard hours.
9. Ability to travel.
10. Ability to pass a pre-employment background check and random drug screens.

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