Senior Police Consultant-Matrix Consulting Group, Ltd. (CA)

Senior Police Consultant

Matrix Consulting Group is seeking individuals with senior law enforcement experience to join our consulting practice, with both full and part-time remote opportunities available. Matrix is a leader in assisting law enforcement agencies with organizational change, policy development, staffing analysis, and agency transformation based on 21st Century Policing and other emerging practices.

Our team is a mix of former law enforcement and career analysts. We are passionate about making police agencies better able to serve their communities, to be more reflective of the communities they serve, and to be more trusted by people of all backgrounds.

We work on a project-by-project basis with agencies across the country, with our clients ranging from agencies with as few as 10 employees to those with over 10,000 sworn. In the past few years, we have worked with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Kansas City, and many others. In our projects we are independent and objective analysts, whether it is the city, county, or law enforcement agency itself that selected us to conduct the study. Our greatest value is our ability to identify where improvements should be made and to develop solutions to address their unique issues.

Our work is multidisciplinary, and includes extensive interviews with our clients to understand their unique needs and issues, analyzing their data and working as a team to develop solutions to their problems, and presenting our findings. Travel is involved in our work, although it is less frequent since the onset of the pandemic. No two projects are identical.

In this role, you will:
• Conduct interviews of police client staff and external stakeholders.
• Collect and analyze workload, service level and programmatic data.
• Review findings, conclusions and recommendations with clients.
• Present project results to elected officials in public meetings.

Ideal candidates for this role should have:
• Senior management experience in a law enforcement agency as a Chief, Deputy/Assistant Chief, or other command-level position.
• Support 21st-Century Policing concepts and other emerging practices.
• Strong writing skills and proficiency with Microsoft Word.
• Ability to work collaboratively and flexibly in a fast-paced environment.

For more information, please contact Richard Brady at or by phone at 650-858-0507. Note that there is no application; the link below is to our website which we encourage you to visit. Please submit a cover letter and a resume to

For more information and to apply online, please visit: