Deputy Sheriff-Polk County Sheriff’s Office (IA)

Distinguishing Features of the Class

Under general supervision, performs responsible law enforcement duties in the protection of life/property through crime prevention/enforcement of laws and ordinances. Deputies work in diverse areas such as patrol, traffic control, criminal/accident investigations, narcotics, civil process, execution of warrants, courthouse security, transportation/ extradition, and community relations. As deputies gain experience/training they become eligible for specialty assignments including search/rescue, hostage rescue/negotiation, criminal/accident investigation, narcotics, bomb squad, field/jail training officer, and firearms instructor. A Deputy’s duties range from periods of physical inactivity to situations requiring extreme physical exertion/exposure to danger. Employees must be able to act without immediate supervision/exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies.

Illustrative Examples of Work

When assigned to Patrol/Field Operations:
Patrols an assigned area in a radio-equipped vehicle to maintain public peace, to prevent/detect the commission of crimes, to observe/ report/investigate violations of laws/ordinances, and to protect life/property.
Responds to calls/complaints including domestic/neighborhood disputes, rape, assault, robberies, disorderly conduct, vandalism, fire, emergencies, animal control and various incidents involving misdemeanors/ felonies; provides advice/assistance to citizens on criminal/civil processes; facilitates/mediates resolution of disputes; provides counseling/referral to community services.
Enforces traffic laws/issues citations; administers sobriety tests; provides assistance to motorists; controls/directs traffic; conducts vehicle searches
Acts as first responder at scene of accidents/crimes; secures scene, provides emergency first aide/CPR; provides death notification to family members.
Conducts preliminary investigations; interviews witnesses/victims to obtain statements; collects, photographs/marks evidence; reconstructs the accident/crime scene by preparing detailed sketches/diagrams; takes measurements; prepares detailed reports; may conduct follow up investigations.
Apprehends/arrests individuals involved in the commission of a crime; executes warrants/court orders; transports offenders to jail; enforces court orders for mental commitments/evaluations.
Initiates the filing of charges against suspected criminals; files probable causes, complaint forms, and criminal histories to the County Attorney’s office; attends court proceedings/appears at hearings to assist/provide testimony regarding arrests/investigations.
Participates on internal/external committees/task-forces as assigned; conducts physical surveillance of suspected criminal activity; provides courthouse security.
Writes detailed/accurate reports to document activities including pre-preliminary complaints, supplemental/follow-up investigations, accident/incident reports, and daily activity logs.
Performs other duties as assigned.

When Assigned to Civil Unit:
Serves legal papers such as protective orders, subpoenas, summons/petitions, garnishments, orders to appear, citations, eviction notices, and other court processes to citizens within Polk County.
Reprocesses, seizes, and transports property/persons as ordered by the court.
Performs other duties as assigned.

When Assigned to Community Relations Unit:
Serves as liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the community in an effort to present, coordinate, and increase awareness of various community programs including D.A.R.E, Neighborhood Watch.
Makes public presentations on crime prevention, safety, emergency preparedness, and personal/property protection to schools/community groups; provides training on domestic violence/protective orders to citizen groups.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of the Iowa Criminal Code, Iowa Traffic Code, Judicial System, Rules of Civil Procedures, and departmental policies/standard operating procedures.
Knowledge of the principles/practices of modern law enforcement.
Knowledge of the constitutional rights of citizens/incarcerated persons.
Knowledge of proper investigation principles/ practices/ techniques.
Knowledge of first aide/CPR.
Skill in the techniques utilized to subdue violent/uncooperative people.
Skill in the safe operation of motor vehicles.
Good attention to details/observation skills.
Good visual acuity/night vision/ peripheral vision.
Good interviewing/listening skills.
Ability to keep detailed/accurate records/reports.
Ability to read/comprehend complex laws/ordinances and interpret court orders.
Ability to analyze people/situations quickly/calmly and determine/take effective/reasonable courses of action while under stress/pressure.
Ability to de-escalate/mediate volatile situations.
Ability to understand/carry out oral/written instructions.
Ability to apply knowledge of law enforcement methods/procedures/techniques to specific situations.
Ability to operate equipment such as Intoxilyzer, fingerprint/photo and personal computer.
Ability to communicate clearly/effectively both orally and in writing.
Proven ability/proficiency in safe use of firearms.
Ability to deal fairly, objectively, and courteously with the general public without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, or political beliefs.
Ability to establish/maintain effective working relationships with associates, co-workers, representatives of other organizations, and people from diverse cultures.
Ability to obtain/maintain valid driver’s license issued by the State of Iowa.
Ability to maintain certifications as required by assignment.
Ability to operate communication dispatch radio.
Ability to walk, stand, run on uneven surfaces.
Ability to work in inclement weather.
Ability to stand/sit for extended periods of time.
Ability to hear conversational voice.
Ability to meet physical/psychological standards as set forth by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.
Ability to successfully complete the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.
Ability to successfully complete Patrol Field Training.

Training and Experience

  • High School graduation or equivalent.

Special Requirements

A criminal background check will be required.
A drug screen will be required prior to final offer of employment.
Candidate must pass a post-employment offer physical examination.

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