PATROL OFFICER (NON-CERTIFIED)-Delaware River Bay Authority (DE)

(New Castle, DE; Cape May, NJ; Lewes, DE)
2021 Recruit Salary: $55,931.50 (Annualized)
2021 Completion of Academy Salary: $57,512 (Annualized)
2021 FTO Completion Salary: $59,155.20 (Annualized)
Opening Date: January 28, 2021 _______ Closing Date: February 28, 2021
The Delaware River and Bay Authority Police Department has a specific selection process for the position of non-certified police officer. Phase I of the selection process consists of four (4) elements: Written Exam, Physical Fitness Assessment, Oral Panel Interview, and the Police Administrator’s Interview. All qualified applicants must successfully complete all four (4) elements of Phase I to be considered for Phase II. All applicants will be contacted regarding the next steps in the process and advised if they meet or do not meet the minimum requirements.
The Authority normally conducts two (2) classes each year. One begins in March and another starts in September.
Please submit your application and resume as soon as possible. You may update your application up until the consideration date for the next available class.
The general responsibilities of a Patrol Officer include responding to calls for service, enforcing traffic and criminal laws, and operating police vehicles when on routine patrol.
· Engage in interpersonal communications with the public and co-workers by promoting a professional and courteous environment
· Participate with co-workers and supervisors in the advancement of the troop’s goals and objectives
· Complete assigned and self-initiated workloads
· Required to efficiently analyze and organize information and evidence obtained during traffic and criminal investigations for prosecution purposes
· Deliver emergency services to the public by responding to calls for service safely and promptly and by providing assistance to those in need
· Protect the public, co-workers and themselves from harm and injury by following established safety and security practices and by correcting and/or reporting safety and/or security hazards or risks
· Responsible for the entire arrest procedure including examining, handcuffing, conducting a field search and guarding the arrestee to prevent escape or suicide
· Required to exercise discretion in the use of deadly and non-deadly force
· Required to arraign a defendant, as well as testify in court
· Able to make NCIC, DELJIS, SCIC and CAD inquiries and conduct a full traffic
collision investigation (i.e., interview witnesses, sketch and measure collision scenes, determine contributing factors and identify violations, etc.)
· Enforce motor vehicle laws
· Must possess the physical ability necessary to engage in physical confrontations using offensive and defensive tactics to subdue combative subjects
· Normally required to work a 12-hour rotating shift and adapt to irregular working conditions
· Required to write different types of reports, including traffic reports, summonses and arrest reports
· Able to identify public utility problems and report other road hazards
· Assist motorists in need of assistance or to perform traffic direction and control
· Utilize a variety of equipment in the performance of their job duties, including an automobile, communications center equipment, baton, breath testing instrument, computer terminal, fire extinguisher, flashlight, handcuffs, portable radio, police car radio, radar/laser unit, semi-automatic pistol, shotgun, body armor and photographic equipment
· May instruct suspects on the process to obtain an attorney, enforce court orders, respond to civil disputes, and testify in Family Court
· Prepare search warrants, collect evidence, and inventory stolen property
· May have to stand/walk continuously for more than one-half the work shift and walk on narrow, elevated surfaces
· Prepare interdepartmental memorandums and daily operational reports, as well as maintain daily logs
· Clean and inspect firearms and perform random equipment inspections
· Provide superior customer service to everyone by responding in a courteous and efficient manner
· Ability to acquire knowledge of laws and departmental rules/regulations/procedures, as well as other resource materials
· Ability to acquire knowledge of weapon craft and ability to demonstrate usable knowledge of court decisions
· Ability to acquire skill in the use of firearms, as well as non-lethal weapons
· Ability to acquire driving skill in both emergency and non-emergency conditions
· Ability to communicate both orally and in writing, cope with stressful situations and evaluate a situation, respond correctly and apply appropriate discretion and common sense
· Ability to provide excellent customer service
· Must be a United States citizen
· Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age
· Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university;
An Associate’s degree, or at least sixty (60) college credit hours, and at least two (2) years of satisfactory employment indicating the maturity of the applicant;
· Thirty (30) college credits, from an accredited college or university with two (2) years of active duty military service.
· Minimum uncorrected vision not greater than 20/200 in each eye and correctable with lenses to 20/20 in each eye; able to distinguish between the colors of red, green and amber
· Height and weight in proper proportion; must be in excellent cardiovascular physical condition

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