Police Officer-Fayetteville Police Department (NC)



Fayetteville Police Department Officers are entrusted with the responsibility to keep our cities safe from crime and corruption. Therefore, a history of ethical and moral behavior is of the utmost importance. Your background will be looked at very closely. Applicants who have a history of unethical or immoral behavior will not be hired. You will be subjected to an intensive background evaluation, which will include, but is not limited to, the following: Your past behavior and the choices you have made must demonstrate positive traits that will support your candidacy for Police Officer and reflect favorably on your character.

Must be of good moral character with no record of conviction by any local, state, federal, or military court of a felony or Class A or Class B misdemeanors as defined by the Training and Standards Commission (.0111)(3).

Must satisfactorily complete the steps listed in the Hiring Process.

New Applicants – Effective March 25, 2014

Complete an online application.

Successfully complete a Criminal History and Driving History Review

Pass a written examination – A passing score is a minimum of 70% on each section of the written test (Standard & Associates, Inc.)

Successfully complete the Police Officer Physical Ability Test (POPAT, pre-BLET version)

Complete an oral Interview

Submit to a background Investigation

Complete a Polygraph Examination

Pass a physical examination administered by a practicing physician in the State of North Carolina, to include vision, color blindness and drug testing.
Complete a psychological evaluation


Go to: www.FayettevilleNC.gov/jobs Click on the box titled “CAREERS.” You will then be REDIRECTED to the destination page. You will then see a White Dogwood flower at the top of the page. Type “POLICE” in the search box. From the drop down box, choose “Police Officer.” Click on the word “POLICE” that is in red. Click on the word “APPLY” that is in green. Create an account, sign in, complete and save the application