Assistant Inspector General for Investigations-Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (MD)

Job Description – Duties:
As the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations (AIGI), you will provide management structure and strategic direction for the OIG investigations program. You will serve as the principal advisor to the Deputy Inspector General (Deputy IG) and the Inspector General (IG) for investigative matters relating to the programs and operations of the NRC and DNFSB (The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board is an independent organization within the executive branch of the United States Government, chartered with the responsibility of providing recommendations and advice to the President and the Secretary of Energy regarding public health and safety issues at Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities, and is also under the purview of this OIG.).You will provide executive leadership for all investigative staff and ensure that investigative resources are focused on high impact matters involving NRC and DNFSB programs and operations.

In accordance with the provisions of the Inspector General Act, you will oversee investigative activities designed to prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse and misconduct, by NRC/DNFSB employees and contractors in agency programs and operations and promote efficiency and economy in the programs and operations of these agencies.

You will manage the conduct of criminal, civil, and administrative investigations pertaining to NRC and DNFSB programs and operations. You will assure the investigation of credible allegations and design and implement responsive investigative policies, strategies, and priorities. You will direct and manage a staff that includes criminal investigators, and technical and administrative staff. You will also develop, prescribe and coordinate pertinent investigative policies and guidelines for investigative work conducted at NRC and DNFSB.

You will coordinate and collaborate with the Assistant Inspector General for Audits, as appropriate, to facilitate joint audit-investigation efforts resulting either from audit or investigative activities.

Highly qualified candidates will have served for at least 1-year in a supervisory Criminal Investigative position at or above the Federal GS-14 level or its equivalent with State or local government, the private sector, or nongovernmental organizations. Your application must clearly reflect specialized experience in a managerial capacity with responsibility for providing managerial and supervisory direction to a diverse Federal, State, or local government agency/organization responsible for conducting criminal, civil and administrative investigations deigned to prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse and misconduct that promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the administration of programs and operations on a national level.

Successful candidates will possess significant experience in the field of Criminal Investigations and Law Enforcement that has led to recognized, well-established professional status, including the management of seasoned, experienced, law enforcement professionals. This experience must demonstrate sophisticated analytical skills, superior written and oral communications skills, good judgement, and experience in interacting with government and non-government officials.

As a basic requirement for entry into the SES, your application must show evidence of progressively responsible leadership experience that is indicative of senior executive level management capability, and that is directly related to the duties of this position and the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and the Professional/Tech. Qualifications (PTQs) listed below. Applicants who do not meet or do not demonstrate possession of the ECQs and PTQs in their application will be eliminated from further consideration.

Maximum Age Restrictions:

Applicants are subject to the maximum age for original entry into law enforcement positions with this agency which is the date immediately preceding an individual’s 37th birthday. Also, considered eligible will be: (a) those applicants who have reached the age limit during the selection process before actual entry on duty or (b) those individuals age 37 through 56 who have previous service creditable under the CSRS or FERS law enforcement provisions sufficient to enable them to retire at age 57 with 20 years of creditable service.

Physical Requirements:

The selectee must pass a pre-employment medical examination (including vision, hearing, cardiovascular, mobility of extremities, and other factors), unless already working in a position covered under 5 USC 8336(c) and 5 USC 8412(d), or the selectee works for another Federal law enforcement agency and has passed a physical exam within the previous (3) months. The selectee will be required to pass regular medical examinations and maintain a level of physical fitness in accordance with the standards and policies of the agency.

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