NOBLE President

Clarence E. Cox III, National President

Subject: Call For White Papers from NOBLE Members

In an effort to advance NOBLE’s desire to leverage the experience and knowledge of our members, we are embarking upon a project that will enable us to document the wealth of expertise in the NOBLE Family and contribute to our law enforcement partners and community members. We invite members to submit White Papers on subject matters that relate to the recommendations outlined in “The President’s Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing.” The final report can be accessed through this link.

This solicitation will assist the Executive Board in identifying members as researchers, subject matter experts, program evaluators, and instructors. NOBLE will build a resource library (portal) to assist members with strategies that could be utilized to enhance community policing practices and strengthen relationships with communities across the country.

The goal is to develop curricula with recommendations and potential and solutions to the problems that we are experiencing nationally. We want to provide solutions and specifically address “Policing Strategies in Communities of Color.

In order to build partnerships by pairing NOBLE members to agencies and communities, we'd like to first identify members with knowledge in particular areas. Specifically, we are calling for all papers to incorporate aspects of the following 10 Building Blocks areas:

Building Block 1 – Community Service Engagement (relates to Pillars 1-4, President’s Task Force)

Building Block 2 - De-escalation (relates to Pillars 2 & 5, President’s Task Force)

Building Block 3 - Dealing with People in Mental Health Crisis, (Cops and Community - relates to Pillar 5 & 6 Task Force Education and Training)

Building Block 4 - Predicting Behavior through Early Intervention (relates to Pillars 6 President’s Task Force)

Building Block 5- Effective Recruitment and Retention (relates to each area of the President's Task Force)

Building Block 6– Lessons Learned From the History of Policing and Concepts of Social Justice (relates to each area of the President's Task Force)

Building Block 7- Applying Procedural Justice (relates to each area of the President's Task Force)

Building Block 8- Pathways to Restorative Justice (relates to each area of the President's Task Force)

Building Block 9– Discuss the Economics of Policing (relates to each area of the President's Task Force)/p>

Building Block 10– Consent Decree Protection: Steps to Avoid DOJ Interventions

As your National President, I met with NOBLE Members and I heard your calling. You asked me to make NOBLE relevant. You told me that we are experts in our communities and that we have tailored-made solutions that will help address the lack of trust in law enforcement, specifically, in communities of Color. In order to answer the call of duty, we ask that you submit White Papers related to the above 10 Building Blocks or in a special area of expertise.

Employees Working Together
Employees Working Together

The following is an outline of the three-step submission process:

Step #1: Submission of “Notice of Interest” to Develop a White Paper

Members should submit a “Notice of Interest” with a one paragraph summary of the topic/s and objective/s of the White Paper. The “Notice of Interest” should be no more than 500 characters and include your contact information. The deadline for submission is 5 pm, August 31, 2016. All "Notice of Interest" submissions should be sent electronically to the following link.

Step #2: Notification of Acceptance

Members will be notified by September 7, 2016, if their topic has been accepted. Once you have been notified that your topic has been accepted, you can advance to step 3 in this project. If your proposal is not accepted in this review, it may be considered for a future NOBLE initiative.

Step #3: Submission of the Actual White Paper

When summaries of the "Notice of Interest" submissions have been reviewed and approved, authors will receive an acceptance notice for their White Paper. Authors will then be required to submit a completed White Paper document by September 30, 2016. All submissions should be submitted electronically to the following link.

Thank you kindly for your participation and submissions to this very important NOBLE project.