Upcoming Washington D.C. Metro – Region II Events

Washington Metropolitan Chapter Annual Crab Feast

This year’s NOBLE Washington Metropolitan Chapter’s Annual Crab Feast will be held on 09/08/18 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm, again at 3611 Stewart Road, Forestville, MD 20747. Tickets are $55.00 each and go on sale 06/14/18. They go extremely fast, so if you are interested please let me or someone on the Crab Feast Committee (listed below) know as soon as possible.

In our efforts to prevent members from being stuck with tickets the following guidelines will be followed:

• Each member may request 10 tickets at a time.

• If more tickets are desired the first 10 must be paid for before any other request will be considered. Example: A member may request 20 tickets, but must pay for the first 10 prior to being issued the second 10.

• No member will be allowed to have more than 10 outstanding tickets at any given time.

• Members will be accountable for all tickets they take, so please request and be prepared to pay for only the number of tickets you plan to use.

• Members have been encouraged to secure payment for tickets requested prior to distributing them.

All money and unsold tickets will be due by August 9, 2018, to allow for the redistribution of any unsold tickets.

Any questions or concerns regarding the Carb Feast may be directed to me or any committee member listed below.

Estella J. Thomas: 240-676-2213 cell or Daisyboo22@aol.com

Grace Sutton: 240-462-6921 cell or grcsttn@yahoo.com

Brigitte A. Dyson: 202-437-5533 cell or badyson@comcast.net

Andre’ Jordan: 202-841-0141 cell or bigdog6708@aol.com

Wesley R. Thomas: 301-785-3177 cell or skytripp@aol.com

Ron Ferguson: 301-674-3974 cell or ref34ps@verizon.net

Linda Hubbard: 301-651-5848 cell or ghubb01@verizon.net

Darwin D. Cadogan: 703-598-1560 cell or Cadogandd@gmail.com

All the best,

Robert A. “Tony” Dixon, President

Washington, DC Metro Area Chapter