Upcoming Northern New Jersey – Region I Events

This past holiday season NOBLE Northern New Jersey chapter were hard at work serving our senior citizen communities in two New Jersey cities, Plainfield and Irvington. Way to Shine Northern New Jersey!

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During these events, NOBLE NNJ collaborated with local agencies including Plainfield Senior Services, Irvington Township Mayor Vauss, Irvington Police Director Tracy Bowers and the senior citizen services staff to host a lunch and dinner to over 200 senior citizens. We had a wonderful time serving and consorting with our elders and the community during this holiday season in the spirit of fellowship and service. (Yes our very own National Associate Representative Michelle Tege is rocking the Santa hat!)

Many thanks to this year’s chairpersons Captain Amanda Koontz and Sergeant Mahasin El-Amin! Great job by the entire team!

Quovella “Q”.

Chief Quovella Spruill (Ret.).

Corresponding Secretary.

NOBLE Northern New Jersey Chapter.



NOBLEs Northern New Jersey Chapter has partnered with the New Jersey Attorney General and other law enforcement organizations, clergy and other civic and civil rights groups, to promote the SAFE STOP CAMPAIGN. The campaign will help citizens make the right choices, the kind of choices, that can help steer clear of danger to themselves and the law officer and increase the chances that their encounter with law enforcement will end in the best possible way.

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Hear what Kim Nelson Edwards, Detective, Montclair Police Department, and Commissioner Jiles Ship, President, Northern NJ Chapter of NOBLE, have to say

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New Jersey Office of the Attorney General Press Release: Attorney General Launches of SAFE STOP CAMPAIGN Aimed at Preventing Conflict in Police-Civilian Encounters

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