Upcoming Iowa – Region IV Events

The Iowa NOBLE Chapter is pleased to announce one of our chapter members, Chief Kevin Schneider, to the new Sheriff of Polk County Iowa. New Sheriff Kevin Schneider had his badge pinned on by Sheriff Bill McCarthy (Retired). Judge Karen Romano presided over the ceremony.

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NOBLE is an incorporated, non-profit organization representing approximately 3,500 members nationwide, primarily law enforcement chief executive officers and command-level officials for federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies, criminal justice educators and persons interested in furthering the goals and objectives of the organization. NOBLE now has over sixty (60) chapters throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. Additional information on NOBLE can be found at www.NOBLENatl.org

Come out… get a fresh cut… and “chop it up” with some of your area law enforcement officers!

If there are any questions, please contact:

Sgt. Keith Onley – NOBLE Iowa Chapter Recording Secretary

Mobile: 515-681-5434



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