Upcoming Eastern North Carolina – Region III Events

I want to take this opportunity to share ENC’s upcoming training event. It’s entitled “Fraud in Government” and it features Kelly Richmond Pope, PhD, CPA. Our speaker not only assisted with the largest municipal fraud in U.S. history, but she also produced an award-winning documentary, “All the Queens Horses”, outlining the progression and ultimate arrest of the culprit who embezzled millions of dollars! The takeaways for this training event will be centered around checks & balances of government finance, accountability and transparency.

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So, I hope you can join us for this half-day workshop to be held February 7, 2019 from 8am to 12 noon at the new Durham Police Headquarters. Come see our elegant, state of the art headquarters and absorb a good message from our engaging speaker.

Thanks for supporting ENC and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Capt. L.D. Campbell

Forensic Services Division Commander

Durham Police Department

516 Rigsbee Avenue

Durham. NC 27701

919-560-4432 x29266