Upcoming Eastern North Carolina – Region III Events

Please join the Eastern North Carolina NOBLE chapter on Wednesday, October 17th for their Women’s Leadership Symposium – “Creativity in Leadership”. This is a one-day workshop to provide career development skills for leaders in law enforcement. For more information — CLICK HERE.

We have some “working” committees formed and accepting volunteers. Please email the chairs to express your interest in participating. There are a number of “standing” committees that will be in need of volunteers as ENC membership grows and gets moving right along.

WAYS & MEANS (FUNDRAISING) Rosalynde Fenner* (rozfenner@aol.com) Terrence Sembly Tracey Bobbitt Felisa Frances

TRAINING & EDUCATION Denise Campbell* (denise.campbell@durhamnc.gov) Robert Gaddy Lena Carroll Quincy Tait Ronelle Hinton

(CONSTITUTION) AND BY-LAWS Rico Boyce* (rico.boyce@raleighnc.gov) Rosalynde Fenner



Thanks for supporting ENC and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Capt. L.D. Campbell
Forensic Services Division Commander
Durham Police Department
516 Rigsbee Avenue
Durham. NC 27701
919-560-4432 x29266